Bienvenue a MoVA: May 2009

“Bienvenue a MoVA, le Musuem des Arts Virtuels. L’exposition courante incluent les chefs d’oeuvre du peintre hollandais Vincent Van Gogh. Nous esperons que vous apprecierez cette excursion virtuelle.”
Pour Monsieur John Willis en francais.

I have fond memories of this quote because it represents the start of many conversations and challenges about our 3D Virtual Worlds Project. Monsieur John Willis, a colleague of mine at MacICT had once said to me, “but can you make him (this futuristic horse sculpture that I had placed outside the Museum of Virtual Arts) speak French”. I was still on training wheels with Activeworlds (our first virtual worlds platform) but this challenge (the first of many) spurred me on to find a solution….so Monsieur John Willis did get a French speaking futuristic horse sculpture in the end.