ITSC 2010 12-13 April

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”
John Dewey (Greg Alchin’s presentation @ ITSC 2010)

  • What does the learning look like in your classroom?
  • What would you like the learning to look like?
  • What is the gap between this?
  • What are the opportunities that I could give students?
  • What could I give students to do in order to make the learning meaningful?
  • How do we immerse students in the learning?
  • How do we teach students to unpack this information?
  • How do we then put the information back together to make the learning meaningful?
  • How do we assess? What do we assess?
  • Are Schools killing Creativity? (Ken Robinson)
  • Are we taking students on the journey of learning?
  • What does feedback to students look like?
  • CHALLENGE BASED LEARNING: We need to challenge ourselves and our students?
  • How do we find the answers in challenge based learning?
  • What takes the learning forward? What gives the learning meaning?
  • What do 21st century learning outcomes look like?
  • What does group work mean? Do we have to sit together to collaborate?
  • What should the LEARNING SPACES look like for our students to make learning collaborative, inspiring and relevant?

The following diagram shows the SIX Design Priniciples of 21st Century High School

Jan and I also presented our project at the ITSC2010 Poster Session on April 12. The poster session was a great way to show our ideas and work to smaller groups in a shorter time frame. This was our first release in a public forum and we had educators from various backgrounds come to our informal presentation. It was interesting to find that many people who came to our session had not been in virtual worlds while some had heard about it. Many people wanted to know how they could access this world as they could see the possibilities. We also had some good feedback on twitter: #ITSC2010.