Learning Spaces: May 2010

“School of the future is the planet” Stephen Heppell

“Learning is a remarkably social process …… it occurs not as a response to teaching, but as a result of a social framework that fosters learning” John Seely Brown

The essential question is:
What would they(learning spaces) be like that is different?


  • physical and virtual
  • ergonomics
  • form and function
  • multiple usage
  • flow, balance, merges
  • spaces that encourages learning
  • relationships built through transparency and collaboration
  • student centred
  • creative capacities
  • new technologies
  • new users, consumers and audiences
  • engagement with new communities
  • identities and values
  • focus is on the learner
  • teaching and co-learning
  • strategic aims
  • precedes ideas and values
  • stakeholders
  • sustainability
  • team working
  • co-working
  • be inspired
  • robust and flexible
  • support social learning
  • need structure
  • relaxed spaces for socialisation
  • spatial variety
  • just enough management to accommodate inventiveness