Motivation: July 2010

What motivates us?
Reflective practice is something that has become very important to me since working at MacICT. Reflective practice is not new and it is something that I always strive to do in my teaching but when you write it down, you begin to track your thoughts, you start to consolidate your thinking, you ask yourself why you are doing it and how you can do it better.I find that we are constantly re-evaluating our project “to do it better”. Not because we have to but we WANT to. All of these things below contribute to the direction and the way our project is heading:

  • our goals (why we do it);
  • our delivery of training sessions for students and teachers;
  • how we use and apply the technology (because it’s not about the tool);
  • how we are getting teachers to think about how to APPLY this technology to student learning outcomes;
  • how we are engaging students to DESIGN and CREATE;
  • how we present our work to various audiences;
  • who we present our work to; and
  • who we work with on our projects.

Dan Pink’s presentation resonates the kinds of things that I am talking about. I saw his TED talk presentation in 2009 and it made an impact on me then. However, it has now become very clear to me that the three things he says that MOTIVATES us is so true: AUTONOMY – MASTERY – PURPOSE (A.M.P.) How often do you hear someone say that they are absolutely passionate about their work and that they cannot wait to do more. Someone said to me the other day that they “can hear it in my voice”. Cathie Howe and I have discussed what motivates us at MacICT at length. It works when you are given the the ‘autonomy’, to make the decisions, to take the risks and make the mistakes, to have the time to think and DO IT BETTER, the ‘mastery’. All of these things then drives why you do it, the ‘purpose’ and why you want to share what you have learned with others. Here is a visual explanation of (A.M.P.) by Dan Pink:

AUTONOMY – MASTERY – PURPOSE model is one facet of MacICT. It is also the ongoing professional dialogue, communication, sharing of ideas, commitment and strive for excellence that makes MacICT such a unique place to be ‘immersed’. Not many people know that it is only a small group dedicated to the purpose – I think this is WHY it does work! One thing that I have noticed this year about myself (in my role as project leader) is that I am now constantly looking at the ‘bigger picture’ – how it all fits together. Truth is, I was never someone who wanted to stand out in a crowd –  I just wanted to find ways to help my students to learn. I KNOW that I am on the road to finding this.