Situated Learning versus Verbal Understanding: October 2009

I watched this video of Professor James Paul Gee giving a lecture recently (Handheld Learning 2009, London). He was discussing the importance of situated learning, where images, actions, dialogues and experiences allows immersion. Where you can marry words to worlds –  whereas verbal understanding in traditional education sense is worthless (to understand words you get more words or definitions that do not really provide adequate explanation).  What are the implications for situated learning in education? Virtual worlds.

Gaming gives you a new tool that will let you surmise new possiblities so you can look at the environment in a new way. Every word or every rule is married to an action in a game such as WOW, Sims2 or Yugioh.

How do you give people a passion? Mentoring and to mentor others – knowledge is dispersible and distributed. Learning is your own responsibility and collaboration and help are essential to learning.