Trinity: Basecamp Project Management April 2010

We started using Basecamp for our project management in February in order to track our milestones, to-dos and development of project.

Basecamp has its advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Basecamp:
1. Keeps track of project development
2. Allows collaboration
3. Emails you a digest as a reminder
4. Opportunities to see the progress of other projects
5. Allows RSS feeds
6. Has apps for iphone

Disadvantages of Basecamp:
1. Does not allow you to assign more than one person to a task
2. Cannot locate tagging feature yet!

You need to be very clear of milestones and to-dos at the start of project. I was still trying to differentiate these when we began project design. However, since establishing clearer guidelines for project, I can see that using Basecamp will help streamline report writing later down the track.

Go on a tour of Basecamp. What are your thoughts about Basecamp?