Trinity: Class of Iteration 2.1 April 2010

This was a monumental achievement for many people involved with Project Iteration 2.1: Student Created Artworks in 3D MUVE.
1. Working for the first time in a NSWDET school within a safe and enclosed environment.
2. Delivering two training sessions for students and teachers at MacICT with all the challenges of an emerging technology.
3. Witnessing the evolving learning experiences of both students and teachers in the project.
4. Watching the creative development in the virtual world ‘classroom’ and seeing students taking control of their own learning.
5. Noting the way teachers begin to re-evaluate their teaching methods and modify their classroom management for a combination of a virtual and real classroom.
6. Observing the impact and huge possibilities of this platform as a tool for 3D concept visualisation in Visual Arts.
7. Gaining project partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney who will be showcasing student work in the coming months.
8. Publishing of project in SCAN and Side By Side online, NSWDET publications (May 2010).
9. Presenting our first research paper (very soon by Andrew Cram, PhD candidate Macquarie University): Learning through Design and Construction in Multi-User Virtual Environments: Opportunity Challenges and an Emerging Project (AACE Conference, Penang Malaysia, May 2010).

This project iteration has been an enormous learning curve and challenge this year but the journey has been absolutely amazing!