Trinity: Reflections on project so far April 2010

A major break through has been the implementation of this project in a DET school. We have been trialling this environment at MacICT with a few schools in 2009. A unit of work has been designed in consultation with the school to support student learning outcomes and complement BOS syllabus.

However, there has been more breakdowns, which is anticipated with a new platform. We have been documenting this as part of our project evaluation. It should be noted here that critical to the implementation of this project has been the effective technical support received.

Working as part of a great team for the past twelve months has given me the opportunity to see the enormous potential of virtual worlds for teaching and learning. One of the highlights of this year for me has been learning how to construct using OpenSim. I have learned so much even in the last two months, especially after spending endless hours building Trinity and making huge blunders along the way. The possibilities are endless for all areas of the curriculum and only restricted by one’s imagination. The other highlight is watching students develop their ideas on paper and in the virtual world with some students beginning to research autonomously on scripting for OpenSim. When you see students take control of their own learning then you know that this is gold!