Trinity: Views from Educators April 2010

“This is truly innovative! The limitations of working in a real world/site space are now defunct as the virtual world has negligible limitations on what you can create. The spin-off is that concepts can be realised quickly allowing for creative solutions.” Teacher: Peter Wootten

“The students are totally switched on which is almost unheard of in a typical classroom! They have picked up the technology quickly and have no trouble jumping in and taking risks.” Teacher: Lisa Allison

“I think in the real world, there’s often limitations on students’ ability to problem solve. They are more overwhelmed by what is not possible but when you open up to this virtual world then actually anything becomes possible. Then you can model it and problem solve it figure out that you can use space in a very dynamic way.”  Coordinator of Formal and Informal Learning, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney: Adele Maskiell