WHEN2050: Transforming Learning

” When students design, plan, carry out and publicly exhibit a project of genuine value (to themselves, to the community, or to the client), it has transformative effect on their perceptions of themselves, their relationship to learning and their sense of their place in the world around them.” Reference – Innovation
This statement, I believe, encapsulates why we should showcase student work in galleries and museums. Year 10 students from our 3D Virtual Worlds Project mingled amongst the crowds at Sydney College of the Arts on Wednesday 5 October for the opening night of the WHEN2050 exhibition. This remarkable exhibition describes their creativity, imagination and thought processes of what they believe architecture could look like in the year 2050. Many visitors that have come through our door at SCA in the past week have confirmed that the work is ‘truly inspiring’ and ‘refreshing’.
Photographs by Irena Conomos