Reflecting: November 2010

“We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” J.Dewey Advertisements

Trinity: Class of Iteration 2.2 September 2010

Iteration 2.2: Student Constructed Learning Spaces in 3D MUVE I have observed many things while working with different schools, students and teachers in projects this year. The one thing that stood out for… Continue reading

Motivation: July 2010

What motivates us? Reflective practice is something that has become very important to me since working at MacICT. Reflective practice is not new and it is something that I always strive to do… Continue reading

Sustainable Learning Spaces: June 2010

What does suitable and sustainable learning spaces look like for students? Please put your thoughts/comments on our wall. MacICT Wallwisher Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces: May 2010

“School of the future is the planet” Stephen Heppell “Learning is a remarkably social process …… it occurs not as a response to teaching, but as a result of a social framework that… Continue reading

Trinity: Class of Iteration 2.1 April 2010

This was a monumental achievement for many people involved with Project Iteration 2.1: Student Created Artworks in 3D MUVE. 1. Working for the first time in a NSWDET school within a safe and… Continue reading

ITSC 2010 12-13 April

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow” John Dewey (Greg Alchin’s presentation @ ITSC 2010) What does the learning look like in your classroom? What would… Continue reading

What does innovation mean to me? April 2010

What does innovation mean to me now? The continual evaluation of new and emerging technologies. The process and outcome of creativity. Coming up with new ideas and approaches that break new ground, push… Continue reading

Trinity: Views from Educators April 2010

“This is truly innovative! The limitations of working in a real world/site space are now defunct as the virtual world has negligible limitations on what you can create. The spin-off is that concepts… Continue reading

Trinity: Reflections on project so far April 2010

A major break through has been the implementation of this project in a DET school. We have been trialling this environment at MacICT with a few schools in 2009. A unit of work… Continue reading