Virtual Worlds in Education: April 2010

How can we use Virtual Worlds in education? 1. Avatar Customisaton: Users can customise their own appearance and can even make their own clothing. 2. Communication: Users can communicate in-world via a number… Continue reading

10/20/30: April 2010

Lately, I have been trying to work on my presentation methods. Presenting is different to teaching. Presenting requires you to address your audience as well as keeping in the time frame that you… Continue reading

Trinity: Basecamp Project Management April 2010

We started using Basecamp for our project management in February in order to track our milestones, to-dos and development of project. Basecamp has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Basecamp: 1. Keeps track… Continue reading

Trinity Training Sessions: Students and Teachers feedback April 2010

Trinity: Our Brave New World: April 2010

The Year of Presentations, Professional Development, Performances and Prezi: December 2009

I have not blogged for a while, simply because this term at MacICT has been another busy one. Where to begin, it’s probably easier if I work backwards.  Thursday December 10, I completed… Continue reading

Technology Leaders Project Showcase: October 2009

Situated Learning versus Verbal Understanding: October 2009 I watched this video of Professor James Paul Gee giving a lecture recently (Handheld Learning 2009, London). He was discussing the importance of situated learning, where images, actions, dialogues and experiences allows… Continue reading

Student Created Artworks in MUVE: October 2009

Where there is an emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving with both individual and collaborative projects, across geographic destinations. Where student communities can create artworks that do not necessarily fit onto 4… Continue reading

Pilot: June 2009

A culmination of 9 weeks of development with a pilot today with NSGH.  I was happy with the learning that went on in the world. The artworks produced met the outcomes of this… Continue reading